So, this week was quite funny, with the following rewards on the daily quest: 3 Legendary potions 12 DEC ...and nothing else. Total value was $0.13. I have finally reached Silver league, reaching 15275 Power with a bit of help (a big Gold card lended to me, thanks for it). Now i need to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, and i did something that i wanted to do for a long time. My Splinterlands NFT collection is now worth $50 according to Peakmonsters website. Of the summoners, i have to reach level 2 with Death and Dragon splinter still. I did have a nice drop on the season rewards: 15 DEC 3 Alchemy and 2 Legendary potions 2 Harvesters, 1 Charlock Minotaur, 1 Phantasm, 1 Chain Spinner and 1 rare card - Gloridax Soldier. See you next week! Heruvim P.S. If you feel like playing this awesome game (awesome after 1-2 months, as a beginner is dreadful until you upgrade few summoners) this is my referral link: